Indie Video & Film: Why Nathan Fillion is God

No point in pussyfooting around. As far as this TVWriter™ minion is concerned, Nathan Fillion is the geek’s SuperGeek, a guy with all the right tastes who has made all the right choices in his career, and who not only a has charisma to spare but also the power (in this world that means $$$) to go with it.

Consider his latest project, this live action fan film based on the Uncharted video game, in which he is the producer (well, one of them) and star (well, one of those too.) Anyway:

Based on the video game series by Naughty Dog.

Writers: Allan Ungar & Jesse Wheeler
Director: Allan Ungar
Producers: Nathan Fillion, Allan Ungar, Bruno Marino, Jesse Wheeler, Louis Sallerson
Executive Producers: Alex Lebovici & Steve Ponce

Nathan Fillion as Drake
Stephen Lang as Sully
Geno Segers as Diego
Mircea Monroe as Elena
Ernie Reyes Jr as El Tigre

This film was independently produced and is strictly for exhibition. Not for profit. All characters and associated names and references are copyright and trademark of their respective holders.

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