Oh no! Another helpful article about being in the TV pilot business that showed up after PEOPLE’S PILOT 2018 closed to entries. But it too really is “Oh yes!” because…helpfulness has no expiration date. Keep this one close:

by Script Reader Pro

So you want to write a script for a TV pilot series? Good call. The market’s growing, writers rule in television and you probably need a pilot TV show in your arsenal anyway to increase your options. The problem is the world of TV can be a confusing place for the aspiring writer…

There’s multi-camera vs. single-camera, networks vs. cable, serials vs. episodic, limited series vs. anthologies, etc. And something called a “TV show bible” that you’re not even sure if you need.

How this post will help you write a TV pilot

This post aims to dispel much of the confusion surrounding how to write a TV pilot episode. We’ll strip everything back to its bare basics and give you a solid foundationon which to write one, from the bottom-up.

The problem with most advice on writing a TV pilot is that it’s top-down—that is, you’ll hear lots of nuggets of information like “know your audience” “include set-ups and payoffs” and “your show must have legs”—but no real advice on how to actually craft a compelling story execs will want to buy.

We all know, for example, that “writing is rewriting,” but advice like this doesn’t really help much if you don’t have a strategic plan for writing the first draft in the first place. You might be left blindly writing and rewriting the same mistakes.

To approach how to write a TV pilot script from the ground-up means approaching it systematically with a game plan, and this is what we’re going to show you how to do. But before we get started let’s take a look at a few industry definitions.

What is a spec pilot script?

As an aspiring writer, you’ll be writing a TV pilot episode “on spec.” That is, speculatively for free, with the hope someone in the industry will read it and like it enough to either take you on as a client, as a staff member or maybe even buy the show….

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