How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking

Regular TVWriter™ visitors may recall a certain editor who variously called himself Muncher or muncher or Munchman or munchman or even Tim Muncher in his earliest days here.

Tim is still a great TVWriter™ friend and total bud to our Beloved Leader LB. He’s just too busy being amazingly cool, rich, talented, and successful to mess around with this site anymore.

Recently, this TVWriter™ minion (who, for whatever it may be worth to y’all, is female) got to talking with the munchy one and asked a question that I may regret to the end of my days. The convo went like this:

CIS Woman TVWriter™ Minion: How did you make it up to your lofty heights, muncharito? What’s the secret of your success? Tellmetellmetellme….

Tim Muncher: It was destiny, that’s all. My secret isn’t a secret at all. I just learned the secret of making people think I’m beautiful, from Jenna Marbles.

CIS Woman TVWriter™ Minion: Jenna Marbles? Are you fucking kidding me?

Munchaderrio: Hell no, bitch. It’s right here–

And here, from my unbeautiful but newly hopeful self to your probably not so hopeful selves, is what turned the tide for the formerly ugly and currently so successful that everybody pretends he’s beautiful Tim the Munchito.

More from Jenna Marbles is HERE.

More from munchman is everywhere you look. But this minion isn’t allowed to show you. Dayam!