How to Stream Free Movies From The Library of Congress

As hard as it may be to believe, sometimes our lords and masters in the government of the United States of America actually come up with something not only desired by our fellow citizens and ourselves, but also free to us all.

Lifehacker.Com has the scoop on one of those times. Here’s more about a veritable nirvana for film fans and students:

The Lost Batallion

by Emily Long

Next time you find yourself scrolling through your streaming queue and thinking that there’s nothing worth watching, try the Library of Congress’s National Screening Room.

This multimedia project, which launched last month, digitized the Library’s video collection and made it free to the public. Available films are both fiction and nonfiction and span 1890 to 1999.

The Library of Congress isn’t Netflix: You won’t be able to watch current Hollywood blockbusters and every season of your favorite TV show. You will, however, find historical films and newsreels ranging from Depression-era documentaries to home videos to educational series about mental health….

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