How To Stop Being An Unhappy Writer

Are you an unhappy writer? Do you accept the situation because you believe it’s simply the price you have to pay for being as creative as you are? Well, guess what, kiddo? It isn’t!

Let Lucy V Hay explain:

by Lucy V Hay

Unhappy writers seem to be everywhere on social media. I’m not talking about recently rejected writers who need a little reassurance and moral support, either. (That is a good idea by the way – join Bang2writers and post away).

No, unhappy writers are those who have lost sight of the REASONS they wanted to be writers in the first place. Reading their threads and comments on social media, they will express frustration and anger. They will wonder why they can’t catch a break … Rage about how ‘lesser’ writers get a break … How ‘bad’ various franchises, reboots, TV shows and movies are …

But guess what?? NONE of this makes an unhappy writer feel better! Here’s 5 things that CAN:

1) Recognise it’s not about ‘breaking in’

Writers get unhappy because they think they are on the ‘outside’ of something. But they’re not. There is no ‘industry’: just people grouping together, collaborating, making stuff. There’s no magic destination where everything is great and every project is greenlit. There is no golden ticket. MORE: 43 Famous Writers share Their Secrets On How To Be Happy 

2) Don’t seek permission …

Unhappy writers don’t realise they can do whatever they want. Want to make a short film? Start a blog? Publish a book? You CAN do all of these things – and more. Why NOT you? Look into crowd funding. Find out about platforms. Discover how self publishing works. There’s so much info out there on how to do this, much of it free. All you have to do is set a goal and work out how to get it done. Honestly! No, it won’t be easy. Yes, you will have to make sacrifices. But ultimately, just recognise it’s about taking into your OWN hands. Don’t wait to be picked, pick yourself.

3) … Or validation!

Writers look to outsiders to get their validation. They will measure their success by stuff they have literally no control over….

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