How to Spark Your Creativity When You’re in a Rut…

…And let’s face it. Being stuck home during a certain culture-defining pandemic certainly fits the definition of rut. Here are some tips that could change your life, both creative and otherwise.

Gia Tudoran

A global pandemic likely qualifies as one of the worst possible settings for honing creativity. Contrary to what the boldest of us may have claimed in the early weeks of COVID-19, more time doesn’t equal more inspiration. We’re tired, overwhelmed, and unmotivated, all peppered with random shocks of anxiety. At least I am, and a good deal of my fellow creative friends find themselves in the same nerve-racking spot. The question is—how do you keep your creativity alive when you’re the actual representation of the “this is fine” meme?

Instead of succumbing to despair, the key is to embrace the philosophy of creating your own inspiration through curiosity and audacious experimentation. Don’t wait for the muse to glide down on your shoulders and grace you with creative energy—instead, embody her.

Start with your comfort zone

A wise, random Tumblr quote once read, “Your comfort zone will kill you.” If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past ten years of stumbling through the world of words as a writer, it’s that writing alone will indeed kill my creativity. It’s warm, familiar, safe, and cozy—and that’s exactly why it would be the death of it.

To prevent my craft suffering from loneliness, I periodically dip my tentacles into both neighboring and conflicting disciplines. I’ve performed ad hoc in front of thousands of people, directed zero-budget music videos, and taken poorly-composed 35mm snapshots with a dusty Konica C35 film camera.

At a glance, some creative endeavors might seem to have little to do with writing, but they can make a difference. Making music enables me to grasp the subtleties of pace, rhythm, and cadence; visual arts force me to show, not tell; live performances scare the crap out of me while nourishing my confidence as a creative…..

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