How to Overcome Stress & Anxiety and Unleash Your Creativity

Yesterday we brought you what we believe is a wonderful article on refreshing your creativity during the current stress common to us all. Today we’re presenting another helpful point of view on the same subject. Dig in!

by Robert Russo

When I first began writing I would sit in front of my computer and struggle to focus. I thought if I stared at that screen long enough that inspiration and creativity would eventually flow onto the page. Rarely did this happen. In fact, probably never. I could not focus for 2 minutes. Really, not even 10 seconds.

I did not know it, but I suffered from PTSD and crippling anxiety. The craziest part is that I never considered WHY I had such incredible difficulty sitting still and writing. For me, it was just normal. That was my life. I thought that this is just how writing always is. An incredible struggle.

Now, I have no problem sitting still for hours at a time working on projects. My first script took me three years to go from concept to completed (4 rewrites). My most recent Horror script was more like 6 weeks.

Anxiety is created when you adapt to having to constantly deal with stress. Your body is always prepared to deal with danger, perceived or real. Your breathing becomes shallow. You have difficulty getting to sleep. Your mind can’t slow down because it is always thinking of how to deal with dangers. Stress and Anxiety are the greatest enemy of us as writers. To achieve the flow state where inspiration and creativity come easy, we must be relaxed and focused. This is a guide to help you perform at your best.

Disclaimer: The opinions contained here are my personal opinions and do not constitute medical or mental health advice. The information and opinions provided come from personal experience and reading scientific literature.

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