How to Persevere and Continue to Show Up as a Creative

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by Mihaela Ivan Holtz

You, dear artist, are a brave soul! No one knows better than an artist about what it takes to grapple with the uncertainty and still continue to show up, to create, or to perform. Despite all the ups and downs, the victories and the defeats, the success and the failures that come with the artistic career, you are still here. Even when you don’t know what might happen next, you are devoted to making your art.

But now, the uncertainty has taken a new dimension. It’s a dimension you’ve never been faced with before. The uncertainty, until now, was a grounded uncertainty. It was grounded in the known world. Now, the world has new limits, barriers, and restrictions. The world is always marked by change, but this is like nothing anyone has ever seen.

The unknown is looming… You may feel lost, wondering what’s next. What will you do? Where do you fit? How do you go on as an artist? You’re used to a world that is uncertain, but how do you navigate this kind of uncharted uncertainty?

Remember to Hold on to Who You Are as an Artist

It’s easy to lose yourself when circumstances become chaotic and unpredictable. Now, more than ever, this is the time to take a moment and reconnect with who you are as an artist….

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