How to Network When Meeting People Totally Stresses You Out

Or, to put the headline another way: Networking for Writers & Others of Our, um, Ilk. Yeah, that’s it. We’re all ilkmates under the skin, amIright?

How to Network When In-Person Contact Stresses You Out
by Aimee Lutkin

Talking to strangers in a crowded room where everyone wants something from each other is a true nightmare, and at times it’s the most direct path to career development. But there is another way to network—from behind a computer screen.

Your network encompasses many acquaintances and former co-workers, and most of them are not going to be your best friends, as Karen Wickre explains in an article for Wickre had a long career at Google, and went on to work as the editorial director of Twitter, so as you can imagine she has a pretty huge list of people she stays in touch with. That means cultivating an interest in people you’re not necessarily close to, but want to remain friendly with. This is how she does it.

Remember Everyone Has To Ask For Help

A lot of people don’t maintain their networks because they see themselves as an island. They’ll never ask for help. Never!! But this is an untenable position; everyone needs help sometimes, and reminding yourself of that early is good. It means you’ll actually have the right people in your life when the time comes. Think of creating and growing your network as a part of your job description, rather than an unnecessary insurance policy….

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