How To Be A Film & Movie Producer

And now, from the “pages” of (We know! Who’d a thought?) comes an excellent article holding y’all by the hand and taking you – okay, us) through one of the scariest processes in the known universe – becoming a gen-u-ine film (or TV) producer:

by Team Tom Cruise

Yeppers, these are iconic silhouettes we all should know!
Yeppers, these are iconic silhouettes we all should know!

For the film lover who aspires to do it all in the entertainment industry, learning how to become a movie producer puts you in the driver’s seat of a film production. The producer is possibly the most misunderstood, yet most important person involved with any movie. The producers – people like Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg and Jerry Bruckheimer – all join a film project at the very beginning and commit themselves to seeing it through to completion. In short, they’re the generals running the entire production, doing it all.

Fans and film aficionados who want to break into the industry to produce their own films may feel overwhelmed. It takes a ton of knowledge about a variety of fields to climb the mountain in becoming a movie producer. However, the team at again has assembled a guide to give you some resources outlining the basics of film producing. While not completely exhaustive, we hope this gives the aspiring film producer a first marker on the road to becoming a success!

Every team needs a leader. For movie fanatics with leadership skills and tons of energy, becoming a film producer may be your calling. With the right combination of intelligence, people skills and tenacity, we definitely believe you can make it happen!

As we did in the posts for emerging actorsdirectorsscreenwriters and visual effects artists, the team hunted for the best information online to bring you a guide to begin your journey into the world of movie production. We’re hoping this sets several of you off on a trip ending with you screening your blockbuster or, perhaps, grabbing the last gold statue awarded on Oscar night. :)

Here’s what the team has included for you in the post:

As always we welcome any comments to the post to share other resources we can add to the guide in order to offer more complete information. Any reader with experience in the field, we love to hear your thoughts! Let us in on your wisdom, or point us to links, and we’ll add it.

So, here we go movie fans and aspiring producers! Buckle up for the first mile of your journey to becoming the head honcho on a movie production: a film producer….

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