How Does It Feel to Write an Authorized DOCTOR WHO Novel?

We haven’t had an official woman Doctor yet, but here’s some insider info from a woman Doctor Who writer.

A Word from the Woman Behind Doctor Who: Dark Horizons
By Jenny T. Colgan

www.randomhouseNow I don’t want to diss in any way what is clearly the best job in the world – truly, if you’re a fan, like me, the very first time you type the words “the Doctor emerged from the TARDIS” it is very difficult to stop yourself from squeaking from excitement. But it can be quite odd being a female sci- fi writer sometimes.

Me to the the Big Bosses at the BBC: Can I write a Doctor Who book please?
BBBBC: Are you going to put snogging in it?
Me: NO!
BBBBC: Do you promise?
Me: Totally.
BBBBC: Because you know your other books have a lot of snogging in them.
Me: I’m a professional writer, long- steeped in the lore, history, and magic of the Doctor and his adventures. I would never do that.
Me: pause
Me: Unless it’s a David Tennant Doctor book.
BBBBC: It’s not.
Me: Fine then. Absolutely no snogging. None.

The first preview, in a famous sci-fi mag I shan’t name, picked out the strapline ‘No-one can escape the burning’ and sniggered ‘ooh they’ve all got cystitis! Because she’s a girl!!’ (Did Douglas Adams get this? I don’t think so.)jenny-colgan1

After I’d been asked for the thousandth time, ‘Are you a Doctor Who fan?’ (think about that question for a moment, by the way: Could you write an entire novel about a television show you don’t watch? “Yes, here’s my 250-page novel based on ‘Here Comes Honey BooBoo.’ I’ve never seen it but I’m sure it will be fine.” (That’s a bad example, isn’t it? Come on, we’ve all watched ‘Here Comes Honey BooBoo’)).

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