Help Save Stage 9

What’re we talking about? This:

One of the world’s coolest video demos, yeah? Which brings us to the dilemma at hand:

here you can enjoy a full preview video of v0.0.10 Stage Nine release of the Enterprise-D.

Unfortunately this project has been shut down by CBS. The whole Stage 9 team did an outstanding job with this project. Walking around the Enterprise-D was always a dream, which came true with Stage 9.

There has to be a way, Stage 9 can get licensed. I’m pretty sure, most of the Fans will be more than happy to buy whatever this can be changed into in order to match legal issues.

Therefore the Stage 9 team needs to get in contact with CBS, but CBS refused to even talk about it. There is a petition to save Stage 9 (the only thing i found so far):…

OldMedia really doesn’t understand how important its fans are, does it?