HBO Announces HBOAccess Writers Fellowship Winners

hbologogridby Team TVWriter™ Press Service

HBO caused the interwebs version of a riot awhile back when they opened up submissions for their HBOAccess Writers Fellowship Program and the heavy traffic crashed the site, causing the usual hysteria by those who had problems entering.

Fortunately for HBO and our fellow writers, that matter’s been sorted, and last week HBO proved it had gotten itself all together by announcing the winners:

  • Anslem Richardson
  • Jude Weng
  • Sarah McChesney
  • Yolanda Carney
  • Dedi Felman
  • Joshua Levy & Prathi Srinivasan (writing partners)
  • Iturri Sosa
  • Wesley Taylor

Congrats from TVWriter™! You’re inspirations (and potential arch-rivals, dammit) to us all!