Have You Been Listening to the Narada Radio Company?

As regular TVWriter™ visitors surely must know by now, we’re huge fans of audio drama AKA audio series. (How come nobody ever refers to it as audio comedy? Huh?)

In fact, we’re so fanatical about it that we actually created a special PEOPLE’S PILOT 2019 entry fee of only $25 a pop, plus special prizes for top scoring entries for both audio series and web series. (Yes, this is a shameless plug. Not sorry about that at all.)

Meanwhile, back at the point of this post: We’ve been listening to mucho  audio series lately and are here today to suggest that y’all do too. We also suggest that a good place to begin your immersion in this media is via Narada Radio Company, where you’ll find a selection that…well, that set this TVWriter™ minion’s imagination on fire. And it just may do the same thing for you.

Narada Radio Company audio recordings are here

Narada Radio Company on Facebook

In the words of an unknown but nevertheless immortal TV commercial spokesperson way in our mid-20th Century past, “Try it. You’ll be glad you did….”