Have You Been Checking the ‘TVWriter™ Writing & Showbiz News Feed’?

We started our new news feed about a month ago, and last week it made our “Most Viewed” AKA “Top Posts” AKA “Don’t Miss” Posts of the Week listings, so its definitely gaining traction. Lots of good stuff there, with direct links to each news source.

The page is updated every couple of hours with showbiz news, writing news and tips, and – this TVWriter™ minion’s personal favorite – scurrilous gossip about the rich and near-rich and famous and near-famous.

To get to the News Feed just click on the “Top Spots on TVWriter™” link in the righthand site index when the pic from Network comes up on it, or you can scoot on over HERE whenever you’re in the mood. (Don’t forget to bookmark it.)

Or, if you’re a harder sell than that, here are a couple of screenshots of what you can find at any given time:

Click Here for Happy News Scrolling!