Great Writing Outweighs Celeb Overload

Ensemble shows demand good writing. And sometimes they even remember to hire good writers to do it. So don’t despair – write!

Um, no, that isn’t what this article is about. That’s what the article made us think. And any article that makes us think is worth highlighting, no?

TV Lincoln 1by Laura Wolford

Ensemble casts have always been a part of the lives of TV viewers, but recently this trend has multiplied and the results are spectacular. Ensemble shows like “Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead” are massive hits with audiences.

Many of these ensemble series have huge casts, turning some viewers away since they find it difficult to keep track of who’s who. Yet other viewers would argue that ensemble casts only increase a show’s worth. The potential to weave a narrative around the multitude of characters and the standout performances they give are what pushes these shows from good to great.

“Thrones” and “Dead” have a fair amount of celebrities between them — Peter Dinklage and Sean Bean, and Andrew Lincoln and Scott Wilson, respectively. Yet these actors’ celebrity status does not overshadow the story.

On the other hand, some of these actors were unknown before working on “Thrones” and “Dead.” The shows have made them bigger celebrities through critical acclaim for their performances, but their newfound fame still has not hurt the show’s purpose of giving its audience interesting stories.

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