GoPro Wants to Give You 5 Million Bucks


Last summer, the Go-Pro people, makers of those cool, teeny, virtually indestructible action video cameras that everybody and his mother now uses to, you guessed it, shoot action video footage, have decided that customer created content is worth even more than they originally thought.

As of now, the GoPro Awards will pay content creators $500 for a photo, $1,000 for a raw video clip, and $5,000 for an edited clip – and this is prize money in addition to any licensing fees entrants in the contest will be paid.

The idea here is to shoot the crap out of everything you can and upload your photos or videos to GoPro in such categories as:

  • action
  • adventured
  • animals
  • family
  • sports
  • motorsports
  • music
  • science
  • how-to
  • travel

Oh, and you can also post it on YouTube, Instagram, or wherever else you usually post your work because, well, because this is a contest that is bending over backwards, frontwards, and sideways to be fear.

Right now there’s $5,000,000 in the kitty, and this definitely seems to be something for peer producers, indie video makers, et al to take advantage of. The place to go for more info and to do the upload thing is HERE.

TVWriter™ has no horse in this race, nor any axe to grind, but we’re hoping you’ll enter – and win – and tell us all about it. Or just win and keep it quiet. Whatever works for you.

Good luck!