Indie Video: Goldentusk is a Finalist in the AT&T Shape Create-a-Thon!

Andy Goldenberg, the comedic mind behind zombie rom com BAD TIMING, presents FOOT TRAFFIC, the short (3 minutes is all it takes to do an excellently satirical job) tale about a world in which you need Walker’s Insurance to, well, walk.

FOOT TRAFFIC is 1 of the Top 4 Finalists in the Mobile Film Category of the 2nd Annual AT&T Shape Film Festival and Andy needs OUR votes to win the grand prize.

This TVWriter™ minion got a good solid chuckle out of this very well done three-minute short, and we think you will too.

And if you feel like voting for it, we’re pretty sure Andy and his cast, crew, and buds wouldn’t mind to see you do just that HERE

Oh, and while we’re at it:

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