‘Freedom Snatch’ is now on the Web…and in L.A. too

Are you an oldtimer who misses the ’60s and ’70s and the creative freedom that went with them?

Or a spoiled, spite-filled, lost and floundering millennial longing to have a crack at the wildness you’ve missed?

Or, oh, how about a person who just plain enjoys the hell out of good comedy?

If one or more of those descriptions fits you, then TVWriter™ is here to say that you’re going to love the improv comedy troupe Freedom Snatch and its new web series VR the World. In the words of Andy Goldenberg (aka “Goldentusk”), one of the master comedy craftsmen behind this project:

In collaboration with VR Scout, VR Playhouse, and YouTube Space LA, comes a 10-minute sketch comedy show all in 1 take in 360 degrees.

Watch as the guys of popular Los Angeles improv troupe FREEDOM SNATCH jump in and out of scenes until they finally connect in an epic climax!

FREEDOM SNATCH created comedy pilots for Mania TV and Babelgum, and starred in a documentary about their cage match run called A LAUGHING MATTER. Aside from improvising all around LA, they’ve performed and taught workshops at the Chico Improv Festival, Midtown International Theatre Festival, various corporate events, and were recently featured on YouTube’s VR Best of 360 for their comedy short, “Old West Showdown.”

Freedom Snatch consists of: Andy Goldenberg (Goldentusk on YouTube sporting 56 million lifetime views, Adam Sandler’s JACK & JILL, BROAD CITY, CASTLE, and iCARLY), Mark Gagliardi (DRUNK HISTORY, STAR VS. THE FORCES OF EVIL, and THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR Podcast), Jimmy Guidish (RED FACTION: ARMAGEDDON, A TRUE STORY, and THE BIGFOOT PROJECT), Tommy O’ Rourke (PLAYED BY FAME, PETNAP, and STARDUMB), and Cameron Fife (THE BIGFOOT PROJECT, UCB COMEDY ORIGINALS, and KILLING DIAZ)

And now, VR the World:

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Did we forget anything? Andy?