Doug Snauffer sees “Major Crimes”

TVWriter™’s and Larry Brody’s Facebook friends have the best posts on their timelines. Take this one, from yesterday:

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by Doug Snauffer

I didn’t even know MAJOR CRIMES was still on the air. Not that I really care for it anymore anyways.

I do enjoy seeing G.W. Bailey alive and well and employed. But what’s with that kid that Mary McDonnell adopted who’s always hanging out around the office? He’s always there around all those violent criminals, listening in on interrogations, and commenting on everything.

I’m not sure if that would actually be allowed in real life, not that real life has anything to do with TV shows. But really, what kind of mother is McDonnell’s character to allow that?

I wish they would write him out of the show, even though I don’t really watch it anymore.

Reprinted with permission from the writer. TVWriter™ knows Doug Snauffer from Facebook. Now if we could get him to do some writing just for us….