Diana Vacc Sees X-Men Apocalypse

by Diana Vaccarelli

I’m a huge fan of the X-Men film series.  I was so excited that another one was coming out.  X-Men Apocalypse introduces the audience to the first ever mutant, coincidentally enough named, Apocalypse.  In this film the X-Men must reunite to defeat his plan to extinct human kind. What do we think, everybody? Will the X’s succeed?

hbt-203x300THE GOOD:

  • The special effects in this film are every bit as good as they need to be for X-Men Apocalypse to qualify as a summer blockbuster.
  • The Acting was good enough but only two cast members are stand-outs. James McAvoy performance as Charles Xaviar aka Professor X was raw and real as he is held captive by our villian and tries to save all of humanity. Oscar Isaac portrays our villain Apocalypse in a way I’ve never seen before. Watching Apocalypse, I absolutely hated him…but at the same time I found myself relating to the character more than any other character on the screen.


  • To say this hurts my soul because I am such a fan of this series.  When you get down to it, there’s no creative reason for this film to exist. There is nothing whatsoever new to the ongoing story. The X-Men have to unite to stop a common foe. BTDT, right? Magneto plays a villain but ends up helping in the end. BTDT again. With everything remaining to be explored in the Marvel Universe this is all we get?
  • The worst scene, in my opinion is where Hugh Jackman appears as Wolverine.  He comes from out of nowhere, and as a viewer my respect for both Wolverine and Jackman is greatly diminished by this whole deus ex machina thing which so obviously has been forced on us because Wolverine is considered to be the main face –  and big moneymaker – of franchise.

I won’t suggest that nobody see this film. It’s the X-Men, right, and even this mess has its moments. But I recommend waiting awhile and watching it on VOD at the earliest. Sorry, Professor X, but there’s no need to waste the dollars at the theater.

Happy Summer Blockbuster Season!

Diana Vaccarelli is the TVWriter™ Critic-at-Large and, in case you haven’t noticed, a HUGE Outlander fan. Learn more about her HERE