Diana Vacc Sees “Money Monster”


The summer movie season is in full swing. In keeping with current trends, it’s all about the blockbuster, so I found it refreshing to see a movie come out that focuses on real people (as opposed to superheroes) and situations that at least somewhat reflect what is truly going on in the world.

Instead of featuring Captain America or Batman, “Money Monster” follows the very human TV host Lee Gates (a businesslike George Clooney) and his Director Patty (the very worried Julie Roberts) as they are put in a very dangerous situation I won’t describe here (just to prove that I can avoid spoilers when I have to, really.)


  • With one exception that I’ll get to later, the writing by Jamie Linden, Alan Difore, and Jim Kouf is clever and full of surprises. What surprised me most were the comedic moments in this film, many of which I just plain wasn’t expecting. Even the dialogue in some of the more dramatic scenes is funny, and I particularly enjoyed the conclusion, when the reporters show the “social media memes” about what has just happened.
  • The directing by Jodi Foster was great. She leads her team to a fully realistic world of finance and finance reporting. Working without sweeping outdoor action scenes, the camera angles managed to be both striking and in-your-face intimate. And as a viewer bonus Foster manages to get Roberts’ and Clooney’s best performances in years. (Take that, Coen Brothers!)


  • Not to spoil anything but the villain of the piece was generic and typical. It’s the 21st Century. We’ve already seen more baddies like this than we can count. C’mon, Jody, give us something more!

I recommend “Money Monster” as a rental and not for the movie theatre experience.

Happy Summer Movie Season!

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