Diana Vacc Sees ASH VS. EVIL DEAD

ash-vs-evil-dead-bloodby Diana Vaccarelli

Starz Network does it again with their great original programming. First came SPARTACUS, then OUTLANDER, and now ASH VS. EVIL DEAD. The series follows Bruce Campbell as the chainsaw-armed character of Ash 30 years after he was last seen in the film ARMY OF DARKNESS. Ash has been living a quiet life in a small town, but now the evil dead are back and it’s up to him to save the world…again.


• This is funny and scary at the same time. I both laughed out loud and jumped in shock at various moments. Sometimes at the same time.

• Creators Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell bring back a cult classic that many enjoyed and don’t disappoint. The writing and dialogue are better than ever, and the story line is fantastic in every way. Case in point: Ash is now a middle-aged slacker. At last – something I haven’t seen before!


• The special effects were awful and extremely unrealistic. In this type of genre I want to see blood and guts in full, gritty, practical effects or CGI reality, not cheesy tomato sauce poured all over my screen.


Cult fans of the films who are looking for an update without a special effects upgrade will be extremely satisfied with Ash’s return to our lives. Others may be a tad disappointed, but I know I’m going to do my best to be grateful for these dead.

Enjoy, and happy TV watching!

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