Diana Vacc sees “All the Way”

by Diana Vaccarelli


*If you haven’t viewed this film yet be warned. This review may contain spoilers!*

With the U.S. Presidential election turning into a bad reality show I decided to take the time to watch the film All the Way. Produced by HBO, this film follows President Johnson after the assassination of Kennedy and the 1964 civil rights bill.  It is great to be reminded of how far our country has come. Not to be too political by any means.


  • The performances of both Bryan Cranston as Lyndon Johnson and Anthony Mackie as Martin Luther King Jr. are the best to date in their careers.  They both bring depth and emotion to these historical figures from our past.  I truly felt that I was watching these men that I had learned about in history class.
  • The writing by Robert Schenkkan is brilliant and brings a true life event to the screen that makes you feel as though you are in the room negotiating this legendary policy. Not only is it a serious film, but the writing also brings some humor to break up the drama. For instance, there is a scene where the press is interviewing Johnson and he is playing with his dog, the way any of us would. I found this to be a hilarious way to show us the humanity of the man. (Even though back when this actually happened, the press vilified Johnson as an animal abuser for “pulling” the pooch’s ears.)
  • Jay Roach, the director of this film and others such as Game Change and Recount, presents the subject matter of politics and the civil rights movement with great care and consideration.  His work does more than merely do this script justice as he delivers a film that everyone will enjoy from start to finish even in an upsetting election year.


  • There is nothing bad about this film.  I highly recommend it.  Go to on-demand and order through HBO and be inspired, as I was, by what you see.

Happy Summer Movie Season!

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