Diana Vacc sees “A Star is Born”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Speaking of A Star is Born, here is TVWriter™ Critic-At-Large Diana Vaccarelli with a bit of a  different view from that we published last week. Take it away, Diana!

by Diana Vaccarelli


October 7, 2018, Warner Bros. in association with Live Nation Productions and MGM released the fourth remake of A Star is Born.  This film follows the story of famous musician Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) and struggling artist Ally (Lady Gaga) as they fall in love, while dealing with Jackson’s alcoholism and inner demons.


  • The directorial debut of Bradley Cooper soared with perfection when it comes to the writing, acting, and the music.  You can feel his passion for this project watching the film.
  • Not only did Bradley Cooper direct and co-write the script, he also starred as the tortured Jackson Maine.  He excels in this role and reminds people that musicians and actors are human beings too and have their struggles in life.
  • I have never seen Lady Gaga act in a role before and let me tell you I was floored.  The role of Ally couldn’t have been portrayed by any other person.
  • The chemistry between Cooper and Gaga reminds me of the chemistry that Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio had in Titanic.  Watching Cooper and Gaga as Maine and Ally you feel the love these two have for one another.


  • Few films that are released today that touch the soul.  This film is one of them.  It has been a long time since I have genuinely cried watching a film.  All in all nothing negative to say at all.


With the majority of films coming out these days being superhero or at least tentpole-based, it’s refreshing to see a film that deals with issues the people deal with on a real level.

In other words, go see the newest version of A Star is Born. Because, guess what? You’ll see yourself.

Diana Vaccarelli is TVWriter™’s Critic-at-Large and a TVWriter™ University grad. Find out more about her HERE