Crowdfunding: OUR STUDIO

Yep, this is the most exciting action you’re gonna get! Way cool, no?

A newlywed couple living in a tiny space in a very big place:

So here’s the deal. We saw the Indiegogo page for OUR STUDIO and thought that it was so sincere that it was just plain charming. “A new Web Series funded by the Wedding of Adam Rini and Megan Hughes?” We also thought that if we liked two of the three characters as much as we did (the third character is a cat; we aren’t cat people, sorry), then so would the general audience cuz it’s the interaction of the regular “family” that makes a TV series a hit. (Or a miss but why go there?)

We bookmarked the page and scheduled a time to post the recommendation and the link and then…

And then said post never appeared. Somebody (uh, that would be you, munchman) mis-scheduled it for 2014. So the funding period has passed, and the modest goal of $5000 for expenses not covered by wedding gifts hasn’t quite been reached. The good news is that because this is Indiegogo, Adam and Megan will (or have) gotten the approximately $3800 that was pledged anyway and are still moving forward with their plan.

Which means we all can still see the show and – this is just a wild guess – there just may be a chance to send these cute kids some $$$. For more info and taste of their, you know, “interaction,” this is the place to go. And you can find out more about each of them HERE and HERE.

Ooh, look, Megan has an agent. Does this mean she’s about to be propelled out of our league?

And here’s their delightful video:


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