Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 11/6/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Drew Chapman is adapting his conspiracy thriller, The Ascendant into a drama series for Fox. (“Conspiracy thriller?” Ooh, conspiracies always give us chills of delight…but we can say no more cuz, you know, it isn’t safe.)
  • Michael Horowitz (BURN NOTICE) is writing the pilot for another Fox drama series, ALLEGED, which we’re told is a drama about “three friends who find their up-and-coming battery start-up threatened by a lack of lithium and…use unconventional techniques to solve the problem….” (What? You don’t get it? Get what? We can’t help because we fell asleep after typing the first 8 words in the description.)
  • Arika Lisanne Mittman (DEXTER) is adapting Sara Shephard’s book series The Perfectionist” into a drama series for The CW. (No, we aren’t telling what it’s about. It’s the CW. So you already know what the series will be.)
  • Bret McKenzie (FLIGHT OF THE CONCORDS) is developing an animated comedy about NASA for Fox. (We always get excited about potential Fox animated comedies. Probably because our mom watched so much of THE SIMPSONS while we were still floating around in her womb. Yep, we come from that kinda family. Thanks, Mom.)
  • Sara Heyward (GIRLS) is writing the pilot for SISTER-IN-LAW, a comedy about a woman who has to find a way to get along with her whacky future sister-in-law. (A family where ignoring each other isn’t an option? What planet do they live on?)
  • Stephen Chin has sold a private eye show about a disabled detective to ABC. (But nobody’s telling us what the disability is…which usually means that by the time the show gets on the air – if it does – the disabled part will be gone, gone, gone cuz that’s how networks roll.)