Crowdfunding: The Makers of MYST and RIVEN Want Us to Help ‘Em Create a New Game

If you were a player of either MYST or RIVEN back in the day, then you know that a new adventure game by its makers is a Very Big Deal. It’s been a long wait for more from the Cyan team, and now they need our $$$ to help get the show game on the road–

But why type/read when you can watch/listen?

First, a newsy little summary:

And now, the Kickstarter pitch:

This is an expensive project. The amount of money needs is over a million bucks. Gotta say, though, that if we had the means we’d hand it right over, that’s how much we loved the other games and the thought and writing behind them.

Although, come to think of it, we do know somebody who does have what they need. Hey, LB, listen up. Have we got a deal for you…

Oh, almost forgot. Go to the Kickstarter Page.

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