Cord Cutting Thursday #1: Cord Cutting Is Growing As Americans Over 50 Ditch Cable TV

Writing for TV is meaningless if nobody’s watching the medium, wouldn’t you say? Keeping that in mind, we at TVWriter™ have dedicated today, Thursday, February 21st, to a look into the future of what the Brits might call “Telly Transmission,” starting with:

by Luke Bouma

For years cord cutting was seen as something Millennials are doing. Now evidence is starting to pile up that people of all age groups are cutting the cord. A new report from PwC shows 28 percent of Americans over 50 years old no longer pay for a traditional pay TV service.

What is even more interesting is that 61 percent of Americans over 50 are also streaming content online even if they have a cable TV subscription. For years services like NetflixHulu, and Amazonwere seen as services for younger people, now we have hard evidence that people of all ages also enjoy streaming.

This news has to scare cable TV executives since it has been shown one of the main reasons people cancel cable TV is not using it enough. As more people stream content online instead of using cable TV, cable TV looks like an expense they no longer need….

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