Cord-Cutting isn’t the Answer for Everybody

LB’S NOTE: I’ve been trying to cut the cord for eight years now, but something always gets in the way. All this time, I thought I was alone in not being able to  find a way to watch all the shows I love without having cable or satellite service. Now, though, I, and others like me, can take comfort in this:

7 Reasons Cord Cutting Might Not Work For You
by Justin Pot

Cord cutting—ditching cable or satellite TV and watching stuff online instead—is great. It’s also not for everyone.

Cable TV is expensive, which is why millions of people are opting to stop paying for it every month and subscribe to various online streaming services instead. People often save money doing this, and for most tech savvy people, we highly recommend it.

Having said that, it’s not for everyone. There are a few reasons that cord cutting might not be for you—here’s a few to think about.

Your Broadband Options Suck

Streaming online video only works if you have reliable broadband access, and millions of Americans don’t—78 million by one estimate. This is true in rural areas, as most people know, but a shameful number of urban and suburban areas also don’t have broadband access.

It sucks, but if you’re one of those unlucky people, cord cutting might not work out for you. Services like Netflix need to buffer a lot on slower connections (and often reduce image quality), which is annoying but not necessarily a deal breaker. But anything streaming live events is going to be basically unusable, because you’ll end up missing a lot to stutters and buffers.

And if you have multiple people in your home that like to watch different things at the same time, forget about it.

Your ISP Has Low Data Caps

This is related to the previous point, but it’s worth thinking about on its own. Many ISPs cap the amount of bandwidth you’re allowed to use in a month, after which they either slow down your connection or cut you off completely. If your ISP caps your data, cord cutting might not be a good idea, because streaming a lot of television can cause you to hit this cap quickly.

Look into this before cutting the cord. Your provider might offer an unlimited data plan for a fee, or you might consider switching to an ISP without caps if you have that option….

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Author: LB

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