Up & Running – Bri Castellini & Chris Cherry’s Complete 2nd Season of ‘Sam and Pat are Depressed”

The latest from the creators themselves:

You can now watch ALL of Sam and Pat Are Depressed, Season 2
by “Sam and Pat”

We took a big swing introducing a (gasp) PLOT this season, but we think you’ll agree, it was worth it!

You can now find Sam and Pat Are Depressed, the complete 2 seasons, at SeekaTV, Stareable, and YouTube.

And, if you want to continue supporting the show and the team behind it, please consider joining us on Stareable Enrich, where for just $1 a month you’ll get 2 overly-artsy closeups of our many, many props, and for $5 you’ll get tons of behind-the-scenes content and early access to updates.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Speaking of Bri and Chris, you all know we’re big fans, so you won’t be surprised to hear that we also love their podcast, Bri and Chris are Depressed. Hmm, some cool synchronicity there, yeah?

Just click the image below and start listening. We promise that when you hear it you won’t be depressed at all.