LB: The 2 Things You Must Do to be a Successful Writer

by Larry Brody

  1. You have to write…and finish what you write.
  2. You have to define “successful” for yourself.

Not necessarily in that order.

LB: Do We Live in ‘The Matrix?’

by Larry Brody

…Or is our worldview contaminated by omnipresent cognitive dissonance? (Asking for an invisible friend.)

Personally, I think we’re all in the Philip K. Dick-verse but haven’t yet made up my mind if Phil’s writing created it or it created his writing. (Although I think I know which of those two he believed.)

LB: Two Blog Posts I Find Incredibly Sad

by Larry Brody

Do people working their buns off to become writers really not understand how the English language works?


At least the above post answers the question it asks. OTOH, we have this:

read article

LB: My Next Master Class Starts in 2 Weeks

by Larry Brody

A quick note to let you know that my next 4 week long Master Class in TV & Film Writing (or maybe it’s the other way around, I keep forgetting) starts August 18th.

That class is filled now, at least on paper because you never know who is actually going to show up and who isn’t, even if they’ve paid. So if you’re interested in joining next time around – or after that – give me a holler at and we’ll talk about it. read article

Nathan Bransford: 3 ways “show don’t tell” can lead you astray

When Nathan Bransford offers advice, we listen. In case you’re wondering why, here he is once again with an unconventional but to the mind of this TVWriter™ minion brilliant take on the age-old platitude to “show don’t tell” in your writing.

by Nathan Bransford

“Show don’t tell” is simultaneously some of the best and worst writing read article