Herbie J Pilato sees ‘Mary Poppins Returns’

Ladies and gentlemen, TVWriter™ is proud to present a classic TV critic in top form. Here’s how it’s done:

“Mary” Pops in “Returns”
by Herbie J Pilato

A remarkable plethora of talent is resplendent throughout, behind the camera and on screen for Mary Poppins Returns, the new Disney sequel to the studio’s 1964 motion picture classic.

The ghost of Walt Disney and Julie Andrew’s original interpretation of the mystical nanny is prevalent in all the right places and frames of this thoroughly modern magical mystical tour de force. Sharing the screenwriting credit with David Macgee and John DeLuca, Marshall is clearly a fan of the original Poppins, as he makes certain Returns adheres to the visual and storied mythology of the revered first take (helmed by Robert Stevenson). read article

Diana Vacc sees “A Star is Born”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Speaking of A Star is Born, here is TVWriter™ Critic-At-Large Diana Vaccarelli with a bit of a  different view from that we published last week. Take it away, Diana!

by Diana Vaccarelli


October 7, 2018, Warner Bros. in association with Live Nation Productions and MGM released the fourth remake of A Star is Born.  This film follows the story of famous musician Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) and struggling artist Ally (Lady Gaga) as they fall in love, while dealing with Jackson’s alcoholism and inner demons. read article

Gerry Conway Reads George Miller’s ‘Justice League’ Script

by Gerry Conway

Years late, I just read the screenplay for the abandoned George Miller “Justice League: Mortal” film (available online if you Google for it).

It’s based roughly on the Brother Eye/OMAC Justice League storyline, and while it’s infinitely better than the Justice League film that saw light last year, it has the same problems that film did– attempting to introduce a massive number of characters, backstories, and motivations in roughly two hours.

What’s ironic is you can understand why the studio balked at making “Justice League: Mortal”– the story is both too ambitious and too thin, trying to do too much and not enough– and yet, when they had a chance to address those problems in “Justice League,” they ended up doubling down on everything that was wrong and removing everything that was right. (There’s much that’s right in the “Mortal” script.) read article

Gerry Conway Sees ‘A Wrinkle in Time’

by Gerry Conway

“A Wrinkle In Time” is a disappointing movie.

I went in with high hopes and left deeply annoyed and saddened. read article

Gerry Conway Asks, “Is Comic Book Publishing Doomed?”

by Gerry Conway

EDITOR’S NOTE: We all know how well comic book heroes, villains, and stories are doing on TV and in films these days – they own those media. However, many of us may not know what’s happening with the motherlode, comic books themselves. Gerry Conway’s here to tell us the ironic truth.

Is comic book publishing a doomed enterprise?

Since the days I first entered the business in the late 1960s, one of the perennial fears of creators and industry executives has been the imminent collapse of the retail comic book market. read article