Cargo 3120: The Making of a Sci-Fi Franchise #9

CARGO3120Entry 9 The Pains of Cutting…

by Aaron Walker Sr.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The Story So Far starts HERE)

During the advanced class we ran into a serious problem that would take a considerable amount of time to fix. During the class I was told by my instructor words that no writer wants said of their hard work. So he tells me that all the while we had been working on this there was a nagging problem that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. Then he tells me that he figured it out, but I wouldn’t like what comes next.

Without going into the gritty details, he said that he didn’t care about the main character or his story. The worst part? Correcting the problem would involve a major rewrite. We had to rebuild the main character from what I had on paper, to the powerful lead that I had in my mind, because what you have in your head must resonate on paper.

It ended up taking the rest that class and a master class to fix the script. But the work was not in vain, we went on to make it to the finals of the 2012 People’s Pilot competition. The next year we tweaked the pilot further and wrote the second episode utilizing the lessons learned. Both scripts made it to the finals of the 2013 competition.

Though we didn’t win the contest, I don’t believe we failed either. We proved to ourselves that we can write, and most of all that we had a great idea. So the question became: What’s next for Cargo?

Next Week: From Cargo to Cargo 3120: The Rise of the Webcomic.