Cargo 3120: The Making of a Sci-Fi Franchise #5

CARGO3120Entry 5 The Rebirth of CARGO

by Aaron Walker Sr.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The Story So Far starts HERE)

The process of molding the story of Cargo 3120 was in a word: Grueling. I remember reading an article about an Oscar winning screenwriter saying that it took him a couple of years to tweak the screenplay that ultimately won him that illustrious award. I found that hard to believe, but I had to eat those words, because it took us over 3 years to get our story to where it is today (and we’ve never won an award!).

But it all started with the first day of the beginning writing class, which felt a bit overwhelming at first, as it seems everyone in the class was much more experienced than I. In fact, Cargo was the first screenplay/completed story that I had ever written.

One issue I had that was exposed early on was that I could not fully explain what Cargo was. I knew in my mind the story I wanted to tell, but had a hard time both articulating and writing it on paper.

By this time I had reunited with Daymond and my brother Lloyd Walker Jr. (who were also involved in the creation of our original SciFy idea). We went back to the drawing board to truly define our story over the multi-week course. Being able to define and clearly communicate your story was the most valuable lesson learned in that class. If you can’t explain your vision, who can? By the end of the class we had the beginnings of something that we all felt truly had potential.

Next Week: On to the Advanced Class