CARGO 3120: The CARGO Novella!


The Making of a SciFi Franchise #23
by Daymond C. Roman

Yes! It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here!!! That’s exactly what my feelings were when Aaron told me he launched the first novella of Cargo on Amazon. Because, as you know, this was an extremely long and arduous road in getting to this moment.

So, the last time I wrote one of these. I was talking about another setback and was trying to find the bright side of the situation in order to learn, grow, and keep going. However, since then, I have gone through a flurry of emotions and life changes both professional and personal that had me wanting to quit.

As a matter of fact, I remember texting Aaron one day with the intentions of telling him. I was going to focus on “something more productive” is how I rationalized it in my mind. But, before I could even get to tell him that, he inspired me to keep going, showing me on a deeper level what being in a team is all about (Because really, I was out, hahahaha!)

Now, I can’t recall exactly what Aaron texted me that day, but I do remember feeling like we could accomplish anything and that Cargo 3120 would be the next big science fiction franchise in the world. Simply, he instilled in me a powerful vision that was coupled with an extremely strong emotion. And with those two sentiments we were able to endure all sorts of struggles until we got to this moment –where we are actually releasing the first part of this series to the world!!! [Sorry, I’m really that excited and had to say it again =)]

You can order a copy at the special HERE