CARGO 3120: How in the World(s) Did We Get Here?


The Making of a SciFi Franchise #24
by Aaron Walker, Sr.

Whenever I’m asked “How did this book come about?” my number one response is: “By the grace of God”, a simple fact for which I make no apologies. To say that this book was released amid great personal and professional setbacks and frustrations, would be a huge understatement. And like other writers no doubt experienced at one time or another during their careers, I seriously flirted with the idea of quitting, mainly because I had too much going on in my life. Everything from the challenges that come along with family life, to the constant delays of the project (a fact that we blogged about numerous times), all played a part in my feeling that it was perhaps time to hang it up.

But I am a firm believer that every good gift and every perfect gift is from above. And I certainly didn’t believe we were blessed with the God given ability to create, to just sit on it and do nothing. So we pressed forward anyway. And I am glad we did. To finally see a tangible form of something on which you have toiled for years, makes all of the pain and disappointments vanish in an instant. Regardless of where this goes in the future, I am glad to have gone through this process, and I couldn’t be more proud of the work we produced.

I say “we”, because I cannot take all of the credit for myself. While I may have been the one that penned the actual book and screenplay upon which this particular book is based, Cargo 3120 was not just my idea, but also the ideas of the incredibly talented co-creators: Daymond C. Roman and Lloyd Walker Jr. I also must acknowledge the gifted writer/poetess: Brenda Mitchell-Walker (my mother and editor), and our Artist: Lemelle Wherry, who was responsible for the cover art, as well as all of the concept art on our website ( And while we have conquered one book, believe me, there is a lot more to come.

While we are glad the novella has been released, the truth is that we never intended to release this in book form first. Our grand vision was to start with the webcomic, with the intention of first building a following, in hopes of seeing this project made as a television series (live action or animated). Then, once Cargo 3120 was firmly established in the hearts and minds of the masses, we would finally begin releasing novels. But often times, even the best laid plans don’t unfold the way we intend. And that’s okay. Changing conditions force you to adapt, and gets you out of your comfort zone. In truth, I wanted to wait to do the novellas because I knew the tremendous amount of time it would take to adapt the material into book form. Not to mention that I doubted my ability to pull this off. And with all I had going on in my life, I simply wasn’t ready to invest that amount of time and energy, nor was I sure that I even could.

But when we started to experience production issues with the webcomic and with our secondary audio program idea, we were forced to constantly push back launch date after launch date. In the end we were faced with two options: To keep announcing project delays, or to step outside the box and do something different… we chose the latter. We were not going to let another year pass with nothing to release. So we opted to lead with the novella. And while starting this process was admittedly tedious and frustrating at first, I eventually found my groove and voice, and was able to finish the first entry much faster than expected. And after a couple of revisions, we ended up with a book for which we were all immensely proud.

The biggest lesson I learned in all of this was the importance of being flexible. It’s real easy to lose hope when you see the bottom fall out of one idea… or two… or three. If you have a vision, you have to be willing to step outside of both the familiar and the comfortable, in order to see that thing become reality.

We at Team Cargo hope you all enjoy our first entry into our ongoing series:

Cargo 3120
Ties that Bind:
Part 1

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And continue to hang with us as we build the next great SciFy Franchise: Cargo 3120.