CARGO 3120: Here We Are Again

The Making of a Sci-Fi Franchise #21
by Daymond C. Roman

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The Story So Far starts HERE)

Okay, so now it seems we are here again. Another set back L It seems our artist will not be able to perform the tasks in which we agreed on. And, that’s not to say that I’m pointing blame or even pouting about it. Because I do understand that life happens; we all do. Things that we’ve intended to do, can often run into the things that happen to us. But, when those situations happen, the question is always clear, “So, what are we gonna do?”

I’m starting to realize that this is the only question we really have to answer in life. And the way we choose to answer that question determines the fates we experience. Sorry if I’m getting too deep too soon, but this is where situations like this usually take me. And I think that’s important as well, because it keeps you from acting from the seams of your pants. It allows you to bring some much-needed character to these situations, because even having the attitude that you won’t give up isn’t good enough. It’s more about how you’re not giving up.

You see, I learned recently (while listening to the audiobook “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill) that it’s not about sticking to a plan no matter what. The book explains how our plans can and will often fail but that those defeats are only there to teach you how your plans are flawed. Suggesting that it’s time to come up with new plans, not that you’re failing. Meaning, as long as you keep a persistent attitude in reworking your plans until they are absolutely sound, victory is inevitable.

So, the question still stands, “What are we gonna do?” I and Aaron have decided to release a series of short stories that will coincide with the overall story of Cargo 3120. These stories will be accompanied by an audiobook version that will be available for rent and download. You see, our original intentions for this project were never about a webcomic, comic book, movie, or even a tv show. It was about releasing this beautiful story to the world, no matter what vehicle we chose. So, right now we’re choosing book, but if that plan fails, we are ready and willing to make another.

Originally published on the CARGO 3120 Blog