‘The Cursed Object: a short documentary’ @BrisOwnWorld

TVWriter™ has been  running articles lately by Bri Castellini, one of TVWriter™’s favorite Indie TV creators. (Well, that’s what you call people who write, produce, direct, and promote all their own stuff, right? Fucking creators, for sure!)

Right now, we’re happy to say we’ve entered the ‘Found Footage’ racket by, literally, finding this footage by Bri. Sit back, relax, and remember, life is always – always – more interesting, exciting, terrifying, and wonderful than the greatest fiction. And this, friends and visitors, is the life of Bri:

Find out more about Bri Castellini award-winning filmmaker and Community Liaison at Stareable, a hub for web series and watch her award winning web series, BrainsHERE

Which reminds us. We have one question about this short. Is it “The Curst Object” or “The Cur-said Object?” God, that’s such a difficult word!