Bri Castellini: ‘Sam and Pat are Depressed’ comes to YouTube – @brisownworld

by Team TVWriter™ Press Service

The team behind several award-winning digital projects is back together for a new comedy web series: Sam and Pat Are Depressed. Created by Bri Castellini, starring Castellini and Chris Cherry, Sam and Pat season one was exclusively released with the indie streaming platform SeekaTV. The full season, comprised of nine episodes, was added to the Undead Burrito YouTube channel Monday, February 5th.

Sam and Pat Are Depressed follows depressed roommates Sam (Castellini) and Pat (Cherry) who help each other navigate the inherent awkwardness of therapy through profanity, humor, and take-out. The show covers topics ranging from pre-therapy small talk with your therapist and accidentally cyberstalking your counselor to more serious topics like whether or not nihilistic humor is a cry for help or simply a means of honest self-expression.

The show is largely based on the mental health journeys of Castellini and Cherry, attempting to make sense of their frustrations and fears through humor. If nothing else, they hope their blunt, honest explorations of these topics will help viewers struggling with the same issues feel less isolated.

The full season has accompanying English subtitles for viewers with hearing disorders on both YouTube and SeekaTV.

About Undead Burrito Productions

Undead Burrito Productions has produced the award-winning web series Brains (created by Castellini), the award-winning web series Relativity
(created and directed by Cherry), and the award-winning short film Ace and Anxious (written and directed by Castellini).

Sam and Pat Are Depressed season 1 is their latest completed project, with a new short film, Buy In (directed and co-written by Castellini), currently in post production.

Bri Castellini is an indie filmmaker and Community Liaison at Stareable, our favorite web series hub. Watch Bri’s award-winning web series, Brains, HERE