Best TV Shows of the Year According to Some Writers Who Run Shows

by munchman

2017 Emmy nomination time is approaching, and former showbiz “bible” now superfluous but fun website Variety.Com has done an end run around those equally superfluous but fun awards and asked 1, 2, 3…wow, thirty-fucking-four showrunners to pick their faves from the current season (their own shows excluded, of course).

We know how excited y’all are to know what the picks were (becuz, hell’s bells, of course those showrunners’ judgments are more important than yer lowly mouth-breather opinions, so yer friendly neighborhood munchero is here to give you the quickest possible look-see, thanks to the editorial geniuses (for reals!) at Quartz Media.

Have at ’em:

Sorry for the faint fontness bit above. For more details about all this, check out Variety’s article and/or Quartz Media’s digest version.

Oh, and while you’re at Variety, take a look at the comments. Here’s munchmallow’s personal fave:


You asked the people making the bad shows we don’t watch what their idea of a good show is…

Hollywood’s self-love never ceases to amaze even as it grows in the face of the public’s ongoing rejection.

At least the ratings are so awful, at some point all those people will have bankrupted the people who keep ordering bad shows from them, and it will be a great day for US artistry.

This one has a good beat, no? I sure can dance to it.

Ciao, baby,