Becoming a Better Storyteller, For Fun If Not Profit

Not writing because you don’t think you know enough about how it’s done to let yourself plunge into your storytelling future?

Read on and change your life.

 by Matt Jacobs
via Filmmaking Lifestyle

Each stage of the filmmaking process brings its challenges to endure and resolve yet the writing process usually begins with a surge of excitement.

Your morale is high and your creative juices are undisturbed by the gruelling production labour needed to turn that story into a reality.

It’s at this time that you can explore possibilities and try new things without it doubling the production budget.

Even so, the best screenwriters are still highly practical and maintain awareness of the filmmaking prowess needed to pull off the hour long epic battle sequence (or lack thereof) and write with that in mind.

The balance between originality, creativity, practicality and discipline are the things I believe make an incredible screenwriter. Filmmaking is business yet it’s a medium that can be much more than a time killing money machine.

Powerful storytelling can inspire change, challenge beliefs and spur epiphany. What makes a great screenplay special is that it creates a blueprint for something amazing to come together but it’s seldom hard rules the director and crew must stick to.

A screenplay is not a precise indication of what the finished product will be like but, get it wrong and you essentially shoot the rest of the production in the foot.


n some cases, a newcomer has the drive to write scripts before they have any ideas that grab them.

In many cases though, a great idea emerges from the abyss and pulls the newcomer into the story making ringer.

In the former case, the question ‘what do I write about?’ can be an obstacle….

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