Peer Production: The Trials & Tribulations of Shooting Your Own Series Pt. 2

A 2 day shoot! We certainly hope Josh is proud of himself and his team.

odds of winning

Day 2

by Josh Hudson

To put it bluntly: a somber cloud on an otherwise successful day. read article

Peer Production: The Trials & Tribulations of Shooting Your Own Series Pt. 1

munchman NOTE: And this is just the first day of the first episode! (Hey, nobody said this kind of thing was easy.)

odds of winning

by Josh Hudson

Man, talk about a headache. read article

The Hudsonian Sees 1600 PENN


Presidential Shenanigans at 1600 PENN

by Josh Hudson

NBC Thursdays has a new address: 1600 Penn.

The new comedy from Josh Gad, Jon Lovett, and Jason Winer is a cross between New Girl, Modern Family, and the Obamas. You know, if they were white and had a reality show or something. read article

The Hudsonian Sees ARROW

Arrow Hits a Bullseye – by Joshua Hudson

***The pilot episode originally aired on the CW on October 10, 2012 at 8 p.m. EST. What follows is a love triangle between myself, the CW, and Oliver Queen.***

When a movie based on comic book characters makes $1.5 billion worldwide, everyone wants a piece of the action, right? Especially when you have your own catalog of cool characters, and you have yet to make that much. Being shown up by your competition is never a good thing. read article

The Hudsonian’s New Web Series

 by Josh Hudson

Hello everybody!

For those that have read my reviews, you can probably guess that I love TV. You may also know I’m hoping to one day write for television. Two extremely obvious statements since you’re reading this on, but still. read article