At Last! FIREFLY Action Figures are Coming!


But – alas! – they don’t look exactly the way we expected them to (or even just a little bit):


Well, whaddaya expect for only $9.99?

Oh, wait, good news. Closer inspection revealed this at the bottom of each image:

“*Subject to final licensor approval”

We beseech thee, Joss our Lord our God…withhold the fucking approval! Give us something just a tad more like, what the hell, Mal and Jane et al.

And them’s our final words.

For now.

2 thoughts on “At Last! FIREFLY Action Figures are Coming!”

  1. Fortunately those are not the Firefly figures people are waiting for. Funko’s highly-detailed Legacy line of Firefly figures have yet to be seen, but are intended to be similar to the Star Wars Black line. They are coming in late 2014 (possibly August at the earliest).

    What you are previewing are the retro (intentionally crappy) small figures from Funko’s ReAction line. More of a lark than something they expect anyone to actually buy. Fans will be avoiding these and waiting for the Legacy line.

    1. Doesn’t that mean that now we HAVE to buy these? Because nobody else will and they’ll be worth lots of $$$? Thanks for the tip, Will!

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