Are You Ready for Jeffrey Tambor as a TRANSPARENT?

by Team TVWriter™

We, um, thought we were, until we saw this trailer for Amazon Studios new comedy series, TRANSPARENT .

That doesn’t sound very kind, and it certainly doesn’t seem very smart to attempt to review a show by the trailer, so let’s say that the taste of TRANSPARENT we got here gives us both hope and concern. The writing is bright, funny, fast, probably the most professional writing we’ve seen on an Amazon show, and the acting by Jeffrey Tambor, Judith Light, Gaby Hoffman, and Jay Duplass is equally excellent. These guys rise well above the challenge.

It’s just that, well, every time we saw our star in his transgender female guise we felt so uncomfortable that it was difficult to keep watching. If that was intentional, an attempt to expose us to something we know we should become more knowledgeable about and accepting of, then this is brilliant – although we worry about a show that seems to hinge on, and emphasize, a controversial cultural phenomenon.

Because let’s face it, audiences hate to be preached at. Which means that viewers may end up flee from their screens and missing something really funny, interesting, and enlightening. Including, yeah, we admit it, us.

God, we wish we were better people so we wouldn’t sound like such jerks in this mini-review.


2 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Jeffrey Tambor as a TRANSPARENT?”

  1. Strikes me as an Ernest Family Drama. It has one hook, and an actor I can watch in anything, but other than that its just Ernest. I don’t like Ernest.

    1. Um, I think it’s supposed to be funny. Which would make it an “Earnest Family Comedy” and probably too earnest for its own good.

      Or not.



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