Are All TV Writers Micromanaged? Or Do We Just Think We Are?

Or, to put it another way:


Former WWE Writer Reveals Creative Process in Producing WWE TV
by Nick Paglino

Former WWE creative writer Kevin Marshall called into a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Live, and offered tons of insight into the creative process behind WWE producing live TV with Raw each week.

Lately, reports have been surfacing noting many last minute changes to Raw scripts, and reports have even suggested Raw is occasionally re-written as the show is airing live. The following are some quotes from Marshall regarding the creative process, and Vince McMahon’s involvement:

“Basically everything is micromanaged to death [by Vince] and I know there is a lot of talk of ‘they’ over there when we talk about the writing process for the show. It is no secret that the buck stops with Vince, but when I was there, and I guess that this started sometime before even I started there back last October, he was micromanaging everything to death. Basically you’re sitting there trying to write for him and you’re trying to figure out what he wants. The job became very quickly trying to figure out what Vince is thinking and then having him tell you he’s changed his mind. So when we talk about the show being rewritten as it’s happening, what I need people to know is that that show was likely written well in advance and there was an attempt at it, but either nothing was approved or everything got scrapped and rewritten by the man himself.”

Marshall had the following to say when asked about the biggest misconception fans have of the creative team:

“Well, I think the biggest misconception is that we sit around and we decide who gets pushed and who doesn’t, that we sit there and lay out what the tent poles are going to be for the year, like ‘hey, John Cena should win the title, blah blah blah’. We don’t make those decisions, we don’t make those calls on finishes, we don’t sit there and hold talent back.

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