Animation Tips and Tricks from real, um – you know – animators

Ever get that feeling that the rest of the world knows something you don’t? And what they know is about your absolute passion of passions?

That’s the feeling we got when we stumbled onto the YouTube Channel of – Georgiana. We haven’t seen the Georgiana web series yet because we’ve been too busy watching the most entertaining instructional videos since, yeah, the last most entertaining instructional videos we saw.

In other words, even our B(eloved) L(eader) L(arry)B(rody), who’s done a fair amount of animation work in his lifetime, was immediately astounded by what we’re about to show you.

Oh, and not only are the tips great, they’re also short. And the music is to die for. (In fact, since it’s old, classic blues, odds are that the creators of said music have done just that.)


There, now you’re all caught up and ready to watch this one with us:

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