All Hail Veep, TV’s Premier Silver-Fox Destination

Who says you can’t sell sex over 40?

(Should you? That’s a whole nuther story, yeah?)

02-veep-john-slattery-hugh-laurie.w529.h352by Anna Silman

Since losing Mad Men – the show that most closely approximated formative crush experiences creeping on friends’ hot dads at school pickup – TV has experienced a catastrophic decline in its silver-fox reserves.

Sure, we had Stannis and Jorah on Game of Thrones (just me, maybe?), and the various dad-show actors (Spader, Schreiber). But there was no show that came close to approximating the weekly DILF dream-team of Jon Hamm and John Slattery. Thankfully, Veep, the acerbic comedy about VP turned POTUS Selina Meyer (Julia Louis Dreyfus) and the group of high-functioning sociopaths that advise her, has stepped in to meet the needs of viewers who know that a flannel-suited Jo(h)n can be just as compelling as a shirtless Hemsworth….

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