Ageism and Showbiz – Oh Yeah, You Betcha, It’s There

Discrimination in showbiz has been a big deal of late, under a variety of terms and about a similar variety of targets. Here’s a group that no one’s brought up lately, and, in the name of diversifying our diversity, TVWriter™ encourages all our visitors to read on (and consider your own futures while you do so):

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An Unpopular Reality
by Early Pomerantz

Is there ageism in show business?

In the literal sense, sure.  Just pop your head into any writers’ room and ask, “Anyone here get up in the middle of the night to pee?”  Or “Do you guys know any good plastic surgeons?”  And you are unlikely to get a response.  Beyond…

“Go away, old man.  We’re working!”  (The “And you’re not” generously left unsaid.)

Somebody once told me that show business was a “young person’s job.”  At the time, I did not know what that meant.  Of course, at the time, I was a young person.

Is show business, in fact, a “young person’s job”?  Certainly not like sports is a “young person’s job”, because of stuff “going” in your body – resilience, strength, reflexes – meaning you can no longer perform on the gridiron – or wherever “iron” your sport is generally played on.

Nor is it a “young person’s job” like, say, computer jobs becausethey’re dealing with advanced technology and you only know Univacs.

Show business is not a “young person’s job” in those way.  But in someother way is it?

A lot of people believe it isn’t.  Although the ones I know who believe that are all old.

I am in contact with numerous contemporaries who, uninhibited by their chronological designation, are still out there, trying to sell stuff. I will tell you something.  It is not the place of a person who has written more than two thousand blog posts for nothing to tell anyone else that they are wasting their time.

I just thought, if I were still out there trying to sell stuff, I would be. So I stopped doing it.  My acquaintances didn’t, and I tip my superannuated cap to them.  Because it is not going to be easy.

The following are some wrong reasons not to hire older writers:

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