A few words from award winning indie filmmaker Hank Isaac

Hank Isaac has been a valuable albeit irregular contributor to this site for years.

He’s also been an award-winning indie film writer/producer/director who collects awards as easily as dogs collect fleas.

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Hank, but the info in an email we received from him last week made the wait well worth it:

Thank you to The 2017 Hollywood Hills Awards for bestowing its Best New Media Script award on the pilot episode of Orlonski is Missing. This is an action/adventure serial about a boy and his father who are desperately trying to track down the boy’s grandfather before the reclusive genius physicist destroys the universe.

Kyla’s War was also named a Finalist in the same competition, as was the first sitcom I’ve ever written, Forever Charlee.  The half-hour series follows the adventures of a washed-up child actress trying to make a comeback starring in a TV series about a washed-up child actress who’s trying to make a comeback.

Most importantly, thank you all for continuing to offer words and thoughts of support as I slog my way through this devilishly difficult business.

Writing from just a few yards shy of the grand Pacific Ocean, I remain…

Check out Hank’s work on VIMEO